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If there’s one lesson learned during my packing for next week’s move, it’s that I need to stop saving the box for everything I buy. The trash downstairs is already full, and I’ve got two more bags of trash waiting to go out. I’ve got boxes for every computer and camera-related purchase for the last 4 years, and I’m spending more time breaking down those boxes than I am actually packing.
Next Wednesday is the big day… going to cost a grand to have movers do the work… but after several moves (mostly for friends and family), there’s no way I was going to do this one myself (nor do I want to put others through this misery). Hopefully everything will arrive in one piece. I’ve been impressed with the movers so far, so things should go smoothly, assuming I finish packing on time.

Review units vs. buying it yourself

This article on Designtechica talks about how Samsung was sending out review units of an LCD monitor that were better than what the consumer would get if they bought it.
In the digital camera world, I’ve seen people bring up this topic: are reviewers getting cameras specially tuned so they’ll get a better review? I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think so. There have certainly been cameras that needed to be tuned, that’s for sure!
Camera reviews would certainly be more fair if i went out and bought a retail version. Two small problems, though:
1) Unless every other big site did it, I’d always be way behind everyone else. As a reviewer, we get stuff first.
2) I can’t afford to do it
Now if I was charging a subscription fee, I could probably get away with buying everything. But for now, loans from the manufacturer are the best we’ve got.

Sign on the dotted line

I spent over an hour at the title company this morning signing my loan documents. Tomorrow I’ll close escrow and will have keys to my new home. I’m not thrilled about moving all the way out there, but it’s really the only way to get into the market in my current situation. I think it’s a great investment, too. The notary that took me thruogh all the paperwork lives in a larger house in my development (up the hill). His house is already worth $100,000 more than he paid for it just last year. Nice.
Hopefully I’ll survive a few years out there, build up some equity, and the move somewhere more interesting.
It will be great to finally have my own place… my own yard… my own rules. And my own air conditioner! It’s way too hot in the home office today… time to grab the laptop and head for somewhere with A/C

Welcome to the neighborhood

Man shot, killed in park down the street from my new house

To catch a thief

Hmm, where I have seen this before?
Oh, I know — I wrote that review myself!
The clowns at that site have been stealing my work, as well as my fellow site editors, for over a year. Despite repeated requests and threats, they continue to do it. Somehow they think that giving me credit for the review that they are stealing makes it okay.
Problem is, there’s not much I can do about it. Apparently copyright law doesn’t mean much in China. I’ve been meaning to write to my Senators and Representatives to complain, but I keep forgetting to do it.
The best answer is to offer my reviews in other languages. Great idea… but that would be prohibitively expensive. A friend suggests just stealing it back and posting it on my site. Hmmm…