As a sort of father’s day trip, my dad and I went to Yosemite on Saturday. Yeah, I know that I was just there, but we spent most of our time at Hetch Hetchy instead of in the valley. Hetch Hetchy is where San Francisco gets its drinking water from. It’s pumped all the way over the hills, across the central valley, around the bottom of the bay, and into a reservoir near San Mateo.

Hetch Hetchy itself is kind of like Yosemite Valley full of water. It’s not as impressive but it’s still pretty nice. You can hike along one side of it, reaching several waterfalls. The hike was more difficult than advertised, but it was worth the pain in my opinion. The trail was the worst one we’ve ever encountered in Yosemite. We wanted to go there since there’s talk of taking down the damn and restoring the valley to its former self, so who knows how long it’ll be like this.

After that we headed into the valley. Yosemite sucks this time of year — way too many people. Who wants to sit in traffic in a national park? Not us — we’ll stick to the offseason instead.

Anyhow, click the link to see some pictures taken with the Nikon D50.

Road to Hetch Hetchy

Beautiful wildflowers were everywhere

Hetch Hetchy

First view of the reservoir

Close-up shot

The spillway

The dam

That’s a lot of steps

Get used to this shot, I took it many times from several angles

We got VERY wet here

She wanted our granola bars

Up the grueling steps. This is one of the worst-kept trails I’ve ever been on.

Wet steps

View from the dam. Am I the only one who thinks of Lord of the Rings when I see this?

Yosemite Valley

Late afternoon light

Like the framing here. Now go away cars!

The meadows were nice and green

First of many…

Gratuitous mule deer shot

These, my friends, are black bears. I know they look brown, but they’re black bears. It seems that the bear at the top has gone up the tree and mom wants him to come down.

Hard to see here but they got into a little shoving match.

This is momma bear. The only truly decent shot I got of them. I needed a much better lens.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!