The “ancient” Spanish Monastery in North Miami is a bit of a scam. While the building really is ancient, it’s only been in Florida since the 1950’s, and you thank thank W.R. Hearst for that. Still it’s kind of neat and the grounds were nice. After that we headed to the Everglades to look for some wildlife. Unfortunately there wasn’t much there (especially compared to the last time I was there) and we left a bit early after Amit was attacked by mosquitos and some huge thing that chased him down.
Animal sightings: two alligators, one coral snake, lots of butterflies and lizards, and plenty of birds. Oh and millions of bugs.
More photos after the link.

Ancient Spanish Monastery


This is the only alligator photo I was able to take. I wish I had my polarizing filter!

My favorite shots of the day… love it!