What a day! We arrived at the press parking area, got our badges, and carpooled in with some other media people to the press area. We’re right near the VAB (vehicle assembly building) and 3 miles or so from the launchpad. Once settled we took a bus tour of the launch complex and we got closer to the shuttle than I ever could’ve dreamed of! Tomorrow night we get to do it again tomorrow night when they roll back the service bay, too.
My only complaints thus far relate to the crappy wireless internet service and the heat and humidity that is Florida in the summertime.
Click the link for pictures and stay tuned for more as the week goes on!

The VAB from the press area

The shuttle from the press area

This barge carries the external fuel tank to the VAB

Stands and tower next to the landing facility

The crawler with the VAB in the background

Mobile launch platform

This is as close as they’d let us go

Closer shot

Looking back along the crawler road

Another angle