And now, here’s part 2!

This one’s going on my wall

White House… duh

US Treasury

Lincoln Memorial

View from the memorial

Poor Abe has seen better days

Visitors crowd the Vietnam Memorial (it was Veteran’s Day, too)

Very sobering being here… that’s a lot of names.

Next it was time to hit the Air and Space Museum. This, of course, is the Spirit of St. Louis

I was very excited to see SpaceShipOne

Apollo 11 command module

The ME-262 was the world’s first jet fighter

I believe this is a DC-3

How cool is this… the Wright Flyer!

This is the Hubble Space Telescope. Well, not the real one, but this is the mockup they made before building the real one that’s in space now. Note how small the people are at the bottom.

On the right is a US Pershing missile. The monster on the right is a ICBM from the former USSR. That thing could carry three 250 kt warheads. Scary thought.

Back outside just in time for some night shots!

A fitting end to a fun (if not rushed) day

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