Today we put a ton of miles on our fabulous rental SUV. We drove south from
West Yellowstone through Idaho (right through potato country), over the very
crazy Teton Pass, and into Jackson Hole. Man, I’d love to live there… time
to start shopping for a vacation home. Anyhow, we then drove up to Grand Teton,
which has some really rugged mountains and several large lakes. Like at Yellowstone,
most of the services were still closed for the winter. That didn’t take away
from the scenery, though… pictures after the link.

Super panorama of the Tetons (click
for larger

Potato fields in Idaho


Grand Teton is the big mountain in the middle, shrouded by clouds at the moment

Still-frozen Jenny Lake

We saw two of these guys running along the road

The mighty Snake River with the Tetons in the background

The only moose we’ve seen so far

Looking down Jackson Hole from the Nat’l Elk Refuge. We got to do some offroad
driving to get here!