Fresh Disneyland photos

The day before my mom and I visited my little niece, we hit up Disneyland and California Adventure. It was probably the most drama-filled trip I’ve ever had. The low-lights include:

  • Suntan lotion spraying the inside of my mom’s purse
  • My mom tripping and falling on the sidewalk on Main Street; this was the biggie; she hurt her wrist and scraped her knee, face, and arms. She got walked over to First Aid and got cleaned up — she’s fine now. The whole thing happened so quickly… one second she was walking behind me, the next she was on the ground with a bunch of people looking down at her.
  • The memory card door broke on my Panasonic DMC-G1 and couldn’t be found. Ironically, I complained about how flimsy the door was in my review of the camera!

Despite all that, we did have fun. The light crowds made riding our favorites a breeze.
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Savannah at 9 months

My mom and I went down south to visit my niece Savannah, who is now 9.5 months old. She has such a fun personality! Crawling all over the place… smiling a lot… and she LOVES to wave at everything, whether it’s people or her stuffed animals. She is quite possibly the cutest baby ever!


Diet report – six weeks

Back in September I officially went on a diet. Six weeks later, I’m down 8.5 pounds. Lesson learned: don’t eat something with a lot of salt the night before your weekly weigh-in, as you just soak up water. I’m learning to survive on less food… I’m not starving myself, just eating less, more often.

The new California Academy of Sciences

I made it over to the new California Academy of Sciences museum in Golden Gate Park last week. I signed up for a membership so I could get myself and a guest (my dad, in this case) in for free, and without waiting in the long ticket lines.
While the building was interesting, it didn’t seem like there’s really that much to do there. The best things are the Rainforest Dome and the aquarium, though both have poor guest flow (dead ends, exhibits that only one person can view at a time). The planetarium show was blurry and wasn’t what I expected in a science museum — too Discovery Channel for me. The living roof is very cool.
It was sort-of interesting, but I can’t see myself going back very often. It’s pretty cool architecture, though hard to photograph due to light coming from every direction (you’ll see what I mean in the photos).
Click the link to see a ton of photos taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1.

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Cruising Asia

Finally, it’s going to happen! About a year from now, I’ll be taking a cruise from Japan to Hong Kong, with numerous stops along the way. My Hungarian friend Tibor and his wife will be joining me for the journey. I’ll be starting with a few days touring Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, and then it’s onto the Volendam, which happens to be the sister ship of the Zaandam, which I was on this past summer. Besides Japan, I’m really looking forward to seeing Beijing, where I’ll probably have to take an overnight trip to see “everything” there.
This trip won’t be cheap, but I’m going to make it happen. I’m totally excited about it, even though it’s still so far away!
PS — Naha is Okinawa, and Keelung is Taipei.